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Since 2010, Timbersled® has led the industry in developing the sport of snow biking. With a passion for performance and innovation as our road map, we continue to forge into uncharted territory. 

Polaris Timbersled Snow Bike Systems


About Timbersled & Snow Biking

A Timbersled® Snow Bike System lets you convert your bike from dirt to snow so you can ride year-round. A ski replaces the front wheel, and a track replaces the back wheel of your dirt bike. Of course, your snow bike can easily be converted back into a dirt bike. Snow biking combines the speed and agility of a dirt bike with the terrain capabilities of a snowmobile. Timbersled Snow Bike Kits offer the easiest install, best handling and greatest durability. Timbersled products – part of the Polaris family since 2015 – are designed, tested and built in Idaho. Timbersled systems are designed for all riders, from beginner to advanced, and all terrains. Ride with ease and confidence from the moment you hit the powder.

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